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Leather care products

We have an exciting new product joining our website. The tack cleaning box is the perfect quarterly subscription for all you horse riders. Each quarter you will receive every product you need to keep your tack and leather goods in top condition.

Are you a conscious tack cleaner, does your leather sparkle? or are you like the majority of us who can’t find a sponge let alone the motivation to start cleaning. Let us help you, you will receive all the products you need to care for your leather including sponges. How can you not feel excited about tack cleaning now?

The box will contain all the brands you know already such as Carr, Day and Martin, Naf and Renapur but will also feature some less known brands for you to try too. We care about the environment so the sponges included are plastic free. When you’ve finished cleaning your tack simply chuck them on the muck heap. The box and packing materials are made from paper and card so are fully recyclable too.

We have two payment options for the tack cleaning box, either sign up for the year and await your box dropping through the door filled with goodies or pay quarterly to receive your leather care products.