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5 things only a dog owner will understand

When you share your home with a four legged friend there are many things that you tolerate but also things that you wouldn’t be without. Here are our top 5 things only a dog owner will understand.Your pooch will have bigger treat jar than you do. There are so many different treats to buy for your dog so why would you stop at one packet? Our favourites are made by Forthglade. These are handmade in Devon, UK using only natural ingredients and come in a cute heart shape.

They have more toys than there is floor space for, our floor is always covered with toys, tennis balls and chewed bits are everywhere.Some of the plastic toys don’t last very long and there are shredded pieces everywhere. The toys that last the longest for us are kong balls. These cone shaped toys are a hit in our house, the dogs love them filled with peanut butter to keep them busy while we are out.

Your dog will definitely need a collar, at least one. Probably one for every occasion. Treat your dog to a bespoke handmade leather collar from LG Leatherworks and you will soon the envy of your friends. A coloured collar will complement your dog’s coat and the warmth from his skin and the natural oils with make it supple and comfortable for him. Leather is a long lasting and recyclable product that will happily adapt to any weather. To care for your collar just give it a coat of leather balm every couple of weeks.

Handmade leather dog collars
Handmade leather dog collars


You are their favourite person in the world. Nobody will be as overwhelmingly happy to see you – ever! Even if you leave the room for a matter of minutes they will welcome you back as though you have been away for years. There are so many memories to be made when you share your life with a dog. I believe in capturing as many happy moments as you can. My favourite dog photographer is Fiona Crawford, her photographs are beautiful and capture a moment perfectly.

rolled red dog collar
Image by Fiona Crawford Photography

5. There are no end to the adventures you will go on. Where I live on Dartmoor there are limitless places to explore. I am really lucky that I don’t even need to get in my car to find beautiful places to walk. With so many walks around me it is hard to choose my favourite but with the Mill End to Fingle Bridge Inn being so close this is a top choice. It is a lovely loop with the bonus of having a pub at the halfway point and views to Castle Drogo, this walk takes roughly 2 1/2 hours with lunch included. There are some steep up and downhills on one side but it is beautiful and a peaceful walk along the river.

Mill End, Chagford to Fingle Bridge Inn