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Are Leather collars better for dogs?

Leather has always been a traditional choice for a dog collar but are leather collars better for dogs? Let’s have a look at why they are.

Your dog’s collar is much more than just a fashionable item, it needs to be practical and suitable for the breed.

When choosing a collar there is an endless list of possibilities. From size, width, colour and material its easy to get overwhelmed. Leather is a suitable choice for any breed of dog. When you choose a handmade collar you have the choice of width, length and style.


Handmade laced leather dog lead
Treat your four legged best friend

A collar is an essential Item for your dog for these reasons

for safely restraining them

for carrying their identification

to be able to quickly clip a lead on


So, are leather collars better for dogs? A leather collar is the best choice because they are lightweight, easy to clean and a natural product. Leather softens with use, and the oils from the dog’s coat work with the leather keeping it supple. Leather comes in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. The two basic styles are flat and rolled. A rolled collar is a great choice if your pet has long hair it will help the coat stay smooth and not matted.


Fabric or weave type collars traditionally fasten with a sliding buckle. As these wear there is a danger of the buckle sliding when you don’t want it too. This can result in the collar slipping over the dog’s head.

Labradors in leather collars
Full size dog and puppy collars


Caring for your leather collar

  • Wipe clean using a damp cloth. Remove any mud and dirt.
  • Leave to dry thoroughly in a well ventilated area.


Although a leather collar may be a more expensive choice initially, they last a long time with a little care and are a comfortable breathable choice for your pet.