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Leather dog collars – 3 types of collars that address different needs

There are many types of collars available for dogs from the fashionable to practice. Here we take a look at leather dog collars – 3 types of collars that address different needs. When you are looking for a new dog collar it is important to consider your dog and the function of the collar.

The flat leather collar

The flat leather collar is perhaps the most popular choice as it is perfect for most dogs. These collars are available in a wide choice of colours giving you the chance to buy one that compliments your dog. Bridle leather is the strongest and most durable but the colours are mostly limited to darker shades. This type of leather dog collar should last for the lifetime of your dog if cared for correctly. Brighter colours are available too in vegetable tanned leather. This leather is not a good choice for strong dogs who pull on the lead as it may stretch. Always consider the size of your dog when choosing a collar, a smaller dog would be more comfortable in a collar of 1/2 or 3/4 inch wide. Whereas a larger dog can easily wear a collar of 1 inch wide.

The rolled leather collar

The rolled leather collar is a really good choice for long haired dogs such as collies. These collars help to prevent the hair matting and becoming marked. Rolled collars can be made from either bridle or veg tanned leather depending on your colour choice. Rolled leather collars are sometimes used a s a house collar as they are light and gentle on the coat. They are not suitable for strong dogs as they put pressure on the windpipe. Our rolled leather dog collars are made using a leather cord inside. This is so that if your dog should accidentally chew the collar there is nothing toxic lurking inside.

The padded leather dog collar

The padded leather dog collar is a great choice for a larger dog that is strong to lead. The padding offers some comfort for the dog. From a style point of view the padded collar can be made from bridle leather for strength but with a contrasting coloured padding. The padding comes in a range of vibrant colours. Padded collars are also a good choice for young puppies who tend to pull on the lead.

Whichever collar you choose for your dog, ensure that it fits correctly. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dogs neck. I like to take my dogs collars off at night so that he can scratch and it doesn’t irritate him. To care for your dog collar occasionally treat with a leather balm or conditioner such as Renapur.

If you would like any help in choosing the best collar for your dog then please contact me and I will be happy to help.

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