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Five things to consider before buying a leather handbag

Here we take a look at five things to consider before buying a leather handbag. Choosing the right¬†can be a difficult task so I’ve put together a blog to help you pick wisely.

A handbag can be an indication of your personality and a good one will not go unnoticed. When it comes to buying a leather bag you should decide what purpose it will be for. For example work or fashion.

There are an endless choice of styles, sizes, colours and quality available. A good bag can style up an outfit , a classic style will go with everything.

Hand stitched leather crossbody bag

Hand stitched leather crossbody bag

  1. Choosing the colour. Your colour choice should be based on what you are using the bag for. Bright colours are very popular but you must ensure they suit your wardrobe. They can add a pop of colour to a subdued outfit but they aren’t for everyone. You can’t go wrong with blacks, browns and neutral colours as these are classic and go with everything, looking classy and stylish.
  2. Choosing the size. Your personality will probably determine the size of bag you choose, whether it’s over sized or something small and compact. If choosing a bag for work then make sure it can hold everything that you need, such as a water bottle, laptop, lunch etc. Consider if you need or want pockets. If you don’t like to carry a lot then a small compact bag may be the choice for you.
  3. Assess the quality. You should never feel bad about spending money on a good leather handbag. A leather handbag is durable and if well cared for can last a lifetime. There are plenty of well made handbags made by independent makers that don’t have designer price tags. When you’ve found a handbag you love check the stitching. Leather quality is important to check too, is it thin and flimsy or robust? If it feels hard and plasticky it probably is. Real leather smells like leather, cheap leather smells of plastic and chemicals.
  4. Is it practical? What is the need for the bag and will it suit the purpose you are buying it for? Do you prefer a crossbody style for comfort or a tote bag to carry by the handles or on your shoulder? Look at the straps. Do they look and feel comfortable?
  5. Price. Consider your budget and what you can afford to spend before shopping for a handbag. If you only have a small budget don’t scrimp on quality, look for a smaller bag you will get more quality for your budget. Some individual makers and designers sometimes have a percentage off if you sign up to their newsletters.


Remember a good quality leather handbag is an investment.