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Red rolled leather dog collar


Hand stitched red rolled leather dog collar. Made to order



Red rolled leather dog collar

If you struggle to find a leather collar that fits your dog perfectly. Then ordering a bespoke, red rolled leather dog collar is the right choice.

A leather collar is the best choice for your dog because leather breathes and will soften quickly from the oils in your dog’s coat.

Handmade leather dog collar

He’s your best friend, so why not treat him to a handmade and hand stitched collar. This rolled leather dog collar is handmade in my shepherds hut workshop on the edge of Dartmoor,Devon. I cut each collar from a veg tanned shoulder of cowhide, hand stitch it together and hand finish it. I do not use a machine during any part of the process.

The leather is stitched using a method called saddle stitch, this involves stitching with two needles on one piece waxed thread to ensure the strongest stitches.

Each collar is bespoke and made to measure. Please allow 1-2 weeks for its creation.

The collar tapers to 3/4 inch at the strap end but the length is dependent on your dog’s neck. Using a fabric tape measure, measure around your dog’s neck. Then please email me with the measurement .

I use all recycled and recyclable packaging where possible with the exception of bubble wrap which is re-used.

I recommend using Renapur every 2-3 months to protect the leather.


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