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Black Labrador holding a yellow sponge

10 things you should expect when living with a Labrador.

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dog and for good reason. These friendly and intelligent pups are a joy to live with. Although it’s important to understand what to expect when welcoming a Labrador into your home. From their energetic and playful personalities to their love of food, living with a Labrador can be a rewarding and entertaining experience.

  1. They’re messy! Particularly when they are young, Labradors love to chew toys, remove the squeakers and empty the recycling! It’s a little like having a toddler, you need to follow around behind them and pick up the mess. Soft toys have the stuffing removed, empty plastic bottles are chewed and the lids removed and paper is shredded.
  2. They need a lot of exercise. As with all dogs it is important not to over walk them as puppies. A general guide is one or two sessions of five minutes for each month of age. So for example a puppy of 5 months could enjoy 25 minutes exercise twice a day. It’s important not to over walk your puppy as this can lead to joint and bone damage in later years. Suggestions for collar choices can be found here.
  3. They love food. This can be either a blessing or a curse. Their love of food means that they are easy to train and will become very biddable for treats. On the flip side they are very greedy and will empty bins, steal food from tables and work surfaces and rifle through your shopping bags and pockets.
  4. They’ll steal your stuff! Labradors are very fond of carrying things in their mouths. Any unattended laundry is fair game and a visitor is likely to be greeted with socks or even underpants in their mouth. Slippers are just as popular and will likely be taken out and left in the garden.
  5. They bark. This can be a great deterrent to unwanted visitors and they can sound quite intimidating. Although when faced with an intruder they will mostly bring them something and wag their tails.
  6. They have a lot of energy. This needs to be harnessed to keep their minds active. Labradors love games, particularly ones that involve them getting a food reward. Snuffle mats, toys that make them think to release the treats and enrichment toys are a great way to release some energy.
  7. They’re friendly to everyone. All people are treated with a big doggy smile and a wagging tail. What’s not to love?
  8. They’re curious. Labradors have an inquisitive nature and are very interested to investigate everything. This can very tremendously entertaining to watch as a human.
  9. They need training. Labradors need to be trained as they are pretty clever and will rule the roost if not given some boundary’s. It’s best to start proper training from a puppy so that the basics are in place to work on as they mature.
  10. They’re so worth it! I’m not just saying this because I’m biased but labradors do make the best pets. They are kind natured and perfect around children, they are sensitive and affectionate.What more could you want for a best friend?Hopefully these 10 things you should expect when living with a Labrador will convince you that you can’t live without one!