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Ten top tips for caring for your dog in hot weather

Read below to see our ten top tips for caring for your dog in hot weather. During the summer months when the temperature rises we should consider our dogs care.

A dog can overheat very quickly and they are at risk of heatstroke. This can prove fatal in a very short space of time.

Consider your walking routine

Although you may want to go for a long walk on a hot sunny day, this isn’t the best for your dog. Instead choose early morning and late evening when the temperatures are lower and the ground cooler. Hot roads, pavements and artificial grass can reach extreme heats which then burn paws and can cause pain even in a short distance

Keep your dog hydrated

Dogs need to drink lots of water during warm weather to prevent dehydration. Ensure there is plenty of fresh water in the home and outside in the garden. If your dog likes to play with water then providing a sprinkler will encourage them to drink more. Alternatively give them freezable chew toys or make pet friendly ice lollies.



If your dog is a swimmer this is perfect for hot days. If it’s too hot to get to the river and swim you can now buy dog paddling pools for your back garden.



For dogs that have long or thick coats the heat can be unbearable. Regular grooming can really help them regulate their body temperature. If your dog is clipped to tidy the coat ensure they are as short as possible during the heat.


Provide shade

If your dog loves to be outside make sure there are plenty of shades spots for them to lie in. If your garden lacks shade then create a den for them to get into. Use damp towels to keep them cool and put their toys in to encourage them out of the sun.


Damp towels

To keep your dog extra cool damp towels are a great idea. Simple run a towel under the cold tap and wring out the excess water, you now have a cooling mat for your home. Don’t forget to refresh it regularly. Dogs keep themselves cool from their paws and bellies so pay special attention to these areas. If you don’t want wet towels around the house you can now buy specially designed cooling mats from your local pet shop.


Keep your home cool

If your home gets hot in the sunny weather consider setting up a fan to keep the air circulating. Just make sure it is kept out of the reach of your dog.


Reduced walks

While it’s important for your pet to get plenty of exercise it is sensible to reduce it during hot weather and avoid the hottest part of the day.



Just as humans get burnt in the sun so can dogs if they are not protected. White, short haired dogs are most at risk and should have pet specific sun cream applied to noses, ears and bellies.



Possibly the most important point but being able to spot heatstroke is vital. Symptoms of heatstroke include drooling, extremely red gums, vomiting and diarrhoea, excessive panting and weakness. Heatstroke can be fatal so it is crucial that dog owners practise prevention in hot weather. If you suspect your dog has heatstroke the you must contact your vet immediately.


These ten tips for caring for your dog in hot weather will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

Dogs cooling off
Keeping your dog cool in hot weather